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Welcome to the new website Sorforras (Beer fountain) Restaurant

To our beloved guests!

One of life's greatest pleasures is to be the host to people gathered in good mood,
their faces flush with the joy of eating and drinking
(Hungarian author Gyula Krudy)

Our restaurant was established in 1991 at 15 Vaci utca, a building redolent with age. The house is reminiscent of Venetian Gothic style, adorned with a Slavonic stall riser carved from oak. Otto, the corpulent waiter figure in front of the store, is our mascot and already a permanent fixture of Vaci utca.

Nearby is the fountain of Hermes, a copy of Giovanni da Bologna Mercur's masterpiece. According to Greek legend, the infant Hermes developed an irresistible craving for meet. Under the cover the darkness of night, he herded Apollon's cattle and killed, roasted and ate them. To our Hungarian and foreign guests, however, we suggest not to follow his example; simply visit us.

Our menu of plenty offers choices to everyone's liking: appetizers, main courses or desserts. Such delicacies are accompanied by our thickheaded Pilsner Urquell beer, as well as a wide choice of palinkas and the best selection of award winning Hungarian wines from various regions.

At the Sörforrás, the students of international relations who graduated with honors from Corvinus University (formerly MKKE) in 1973 regularly meet at the Váci Street restaurant of their group mate, Olympic champion Miklós Németh:
former ambassadors, diplomats, journalists, researchers, traders, foreign relations experts (incidentally, mountaineers, Olympians, winemakers, poets, painters, card players, grandmothers, grandfathers)
– alongside a good wine, a kind word, a fascinating life story.

At the table of memories and to-dos
– as the old-new circle of friends, not young anymore but still youthful "knights", have named the place of their gatherings.